Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dear You pt 2

Dear You,
How dare you think that i wouldn't find out. That i was blind as well as stupid. I trusted you and you betrayed me. You don't realize what you have until its gone is a constant line that runs through your head. Asking for forgivness? Granted. Asking for another chance? Denied. I refuse, you've lied one to many times. All i was that you be honest and even gave you a chance to make things right yet you couldnt comply. I wish you the best and a happy life, just not with me.

Dear You,
We've known each other what seems like forever. Through crazy woman and everything in between. I suppose its my fault we're in the situation we're in. I made the choice to end up way back when. Since then I've always wondered and now I'm seeing you have too, but somethings aren't meant to be. Like for example me and you. We'll always have a bond but never anything more. I like where we are. Lets make this our home.

Dear You,
I almost don't know where to beginning. I mean we're an unlikely pair i suppose. Something that happened on a wim. A night where we both was feelings friendly i suppose. I don't regret the moment at all. Actually a memorial time for me. As quickly as it started, it ended. Not something i'm okay with but these things does take two. I play scenaros in my head about what shouldve happened, what shouldve been said, what shouldve been left unsaid. I wish things we're different. Unsure if i'm completely ready to give up, but whatever happens happens.

xoxo Asshole

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