Tuesday, January 26, 2010

..type shxt

i cant believe we're seriously acting like this.

i have a crush on yu meet me at the slide type shxt.
you can have the last of my brownie if you want it type shxt.
doing things for you even when i dont want to type shxt.
staying up late when i know i have work type shxt.
making time when i have barely any type shxt.
sharing, caring, and all the mushy type shxt.
causing a straight rufus type shxt.
plotting on each other type shxt.
poking fun at others cause thats what we do type shxt.
holding the phone not talking type shxt.
ignoring others calls and texts type shxt.
coming up with codes we only know type shxt.
do you miss me? [yes] Good cause i missed yu type shxt.
getting in our feelings whn we shouldnt type shxt.
daily who's music is better battles type shxt.
realizing we have alot in common type shxt.
learning each other and realizing this may not work bt
fxck it we'll like each other to much type shxt.


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