Saturday, February 6, 2010

Body, Mind, Emotions and Soul

i suppose you think of me as just a pretty face
or mayb just someone with a lovely body.
im more then my physical features.
i have a mind i have soul i have emotions
in which you should attempt to take time to acknowledge.
although compliments of my smile and slanted eyes
are nice and greatly appreciated
i rather you tell me how my mental drives you crazy
how the beauty in my soul glows
how my words makes you insane and how
the thought of the depths of me has you searching for me
if you can have a full conversation with me
without even mentioning my curvaceous body
or the numerous of sexual things you would do to me
then youre chances with me would sky rocket
into the atmosphere passing planets and stars
in the galaxy is where we'll let our beings flow freely
and then thats whn you can get to me physically.


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