Friday, February 5, 2010

Love, No Like Letter

i could say i love you bt most dont know what it means and although ive can say ive truely experienced it
i can also say its nothing to play with.
bt i can say i like you with no doubt
something not only myself but others around us see
fighting these feelings because..well i got to make sure you like me too
and now that i see that you do. i want to stay here for awhile
rewind and fast forward our likings til we possibly cant like anymore
then even after still play around with the liking factor
cause again love isnt something to take lightly
and well that the last thing i want to do with you
not saying i dont want to love you cause who knows maybe one day
but not today. tomorrw or many tomorrows after
i like our playful manner, our ability to know our roles in each others life
and be around for that purpose.
i just want to stay in liking yu forever
this is my Love, no this is my Like Letter.


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