Saturday, February 6, 2010

Play .. Fast Forward .. Rewind .... Stop

opening credits of past relationships.
Starring You and Featuring Me

i see you in the crowd and a smile comes across my face
trying to compose myself as my heart starts to beat fastyou greet me with a smile and a hug, my heart sanks,
the butterflies in my stomach start to flutter
we converse and acted as if we dont rather be alone somewhere else.
[Fast Forward]
kissing you as you pin me against the wall
wrapping my legs around you, you pick me up and carry me to the bed
placing me down i began to undress myself than you
pressing my warm lips against your cold body
laughing at dinner with friends, timidly looking at each other
hoping no one notices that we're having this moment
sercetly texting each other sweet things
snapping back into conversations as if we've never left
waking up to the sun rays on my face
rolling over and realizing youre laying next to me
smiling from the flashbacks of the night before
moving towards you slightly waking you
you smurk and put your arms around me
is this just a movie or our reality
have i exchanged the characters with you and me
or is this really what our life could be
whether a movie or reality
im longing to see how it ends.


1 comment:

  1. You're talented girl. I read your last two entries as well. You seem to be pulling this from deep within. You captured me and made me think of my own situations; current and past. Good shit mama.