Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dear You...

I usually dont do this but what the hell.

Dear You,

Wht happend?? How did we get here??

We were supposed to last, you was supposed to be my happy ending. But i messed up, you wanted wht i wasnt ready to give and by the time i was it was TOO late. So i pretend to move on. Pretend i dont care about you or wht you do. Pretend that i dont still love you. But thats false. Ill continue to love you even when i doubt the love i have for myself. At this moment i would gladly drop everything and everyone for you. Idk if ill feel the same a month from now. i just know i was the happiest with you. I hope that before i fall for someone else things get better between us at least to a point where we cn be civil and talk from time to time. i think thats what i miss most. i miss talking to you. i miss that instant connection we had. I wish you all the best and i hope you find happiness.

Bt since we cant be, ive saught love in other places.

Dear You,

Although we've only been talking for a short while i must admit i'm loving every moment. I can only imagine how great things would be if the distance between us wasnt a factor, bt til then i'll continue to give you the same like/love that i have been and whnever we do decide to mke things official i promise that no one will come between that. no distance, no one, nothing. You indeed brighten up my day and we don't speak i think about you in abundance. We've both been through alot with our previous partners and i know that we only want to be happy and i do declare to be that person for you whn we're both ready. Its funny to think that we began cause of a simple look a like of a mutual friend, but i'm glad that you made that step to get to know me and I hope things continue to go how they are.

Bt since we cant see each other, ive saught attention elsewhere.

Dear You,

I honestly dont know how we got to this point. its really all a blurr to me. I must admit that when meeting you i had no intentions on having any kind of relationship with you outside of friendship if that even. I also must admit that my attraction grew for you once i saw your personality and dance moves. Lol. In a short time we've literally have had a full blown relationship and we're not even together. Given the situation that you presented to me i thought that being flirtatious friends would be our status, but my physical attraction for you grew rapidly and i want more. It was obvious to most that we had an connection and even at times played the role of more than just friends. Alot has happened that i do wish i could take back as far as you and i are concerned. Just because now we dont even have a friendship. Smh.

Bt since we cant be friendship, ive saught connection somewhere else.

Dear FAV# (lol),

I dont even know how many of us there is anymore. the numbers have change like 16times in the last few weeks. bt for those who do remain. regardless of the bullshxt that has happend and i'm pretty sure will happen again i just want yall to know that i'll ride for all of yall & whn i cant ride i'll walk. I'm not one to turn my back on anyone even if you are in the wrong. i dont hold grudges and i just us to be able to move forward as individuals and hold each other down as a whole. <3 all of yall. even those no longer in the circle. & thats REAL TALK. SQ BIZ. FACTS no FICTION.


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