Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Who Gon` Check Me Boo

First and foremost let me introduce myself to those who don't know me. I'm SHA da|f`n ASSHOLE: 21, texas bxtch til I die, ain't shit to the fullest. Trust me, I bar none friends or foe. Everyone can get the verbal & with that being said let me address the bullshit most are to timid to say.

Real Recongize Real Right?! Clearly thts FALSE. Real mfr`s are going existant. Evryone is claiming to be real, but are blind to the real mfr`s thts in their corner evry effn day & continue to entertain fake hoes who jst tell thm whtevr thy wnt to hear. Why eff wth hoes who have to lie abt ish n order to gt attention. Why eff wth bxtchz who ya best friend in yur face & as soon as thy gt a chance run thy mouth like bath water. Why pretend to be somthng yur not so other will accept yu & nt judge. Stupid cunt, most see past yur bullsht jst to effn timid to speak on it. Are yu sluts gttng paid for these services? Like really. Then y'all want to look at me like I'm strange cause I knw wht I want & address it wth no shame. I must be frm outerspace.. ill nvr be on tht ish.

I'm tired of hvng to babysit, gve the verbal & play dr phil for FREE chicks cause thy n they feelins evrytime some new ish pops off. Especially yu self proclaimed "studs, ag's, doms, etc". I'm realizng tht most of yu studs want to be so hard, bt y'all some goose dwn pillows. Step yur pussy up. Upgrade ya effn self. Stop dealing wth dumb bxtchz who yu & evryone else cn clearly see isn't abt ish. If yu spend more time comng up wth excuses abt the bullshxt thy do thn move the hell on..& if yu choose to stay thn shut da hell up & deal because yu obviously stuck on stupid & parkd on dumb that exactly where yu need to be.

Most say they want a real chick, someone to hold thm dwn, but how cn yu want real whn yu fake & deal wth fakes. I don't give a eff abt the materialistic ish tht most of yu dirty simple minded slores think mkes yu real cause thts the fakest ish evr. Let me give yu a few tips on wht REAL is.

Real; friends or foe keep it 1000+ no matter the outcome.

Real; knwng who yu are & stayng true to yurslf.

Real; stop effn lyng abt ish like yur pussy, strap, lifestyle, etc.

Real; if yu nt official thn dnt trip on ish.

Real; whn pplz are being honest wth yu, take that take that [diddy.voice) & use it wisely.

Real; although lil wayne-single is my ish.. if yu gotta chick actd like it 25..8.

Lmao. Let me stop I knw someone is prolly in thy feelns rii now abt my blog. Set an appointmnt or enroll in my class. Monday & Wednesday 6-8pm. Pussy ninjaz enroll asapish.

Ill forever continue to be me & givng yu hoes the verbal, while yu sit & deny to yurslf on a regular basis tht the ish I'm sayng doesn't apply to yu.



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