Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let Me Love You

I dont know how to or even where to begin

But all i know is that this is somethng i dont want to end

we wasnt meant to be

we wasnt even each other's destiny

thought that you would be just another sideline thing

but now your everything to me

i try not to recycle old lines & use words you've heard before

because i want you to realize that you mean much more

songs, lyrics, poems, pictures couldnt tell you

how you make me feel

the Love i have for you is real

i dont want you to ever doubt me, you, us

i love your imprefections

i love your dedication
i just love you

all the fights, arguements

the words shared

any feelings that ive hurt

i didnt mean it; im just on the defense

because i know i cant defend myself when it come to you

i feel like im talking in circles and this is how you have me
the Asshole that ive lead everyone to believe that i am

is only a shield to protect my heart

and with you i feel like i can let my guard down

be the loving person that only a few have seen

i want to get old, fat & ugly with you bay

but since we're so Fine and in Shape

that'll never happen. lol

i just hope that you get what im saying


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