Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rules during Sex

Sex Rules ; just a joke.

1) No talking

2) No commands

3) No requests

4) No questions

5) No pop quizzes

6) No chewing

7) No itching

8) No scratching

9) No pussy farting ; properly known as "Quifing"

__*let me know if you need to get some air
down there; a simple hair pull will do.

10) No texting while giving head

11) No watching television

12) Do not look at me while giving head

__*not cooliez.

13) No multi-tasking if you can't handle it

__* ie: i'm little i know i cant reach ya tittiez &
eat at the same time; i do NOT try

14) No calling names, ass smacking requests, etc.

__* might fcuk around & say another bitch name;
that's no bueno.

15) No wasting food

__* if we use chocolate, whipped cream, etc --
you gonna eat ALL of it. shiddd.

16) Do not fckn air dry on my bed

17) Do not stick ya finger up my ass

__* nor come in the vicinity UNLESS we have
talked about it; shitty ass fingers.

18) No dirty drawers

__* and don't try to take 'em off in the corner or
slide 'em with the pants; cause imma check.


20) Do not ask me if i like it if you hear me moaning

21) Do not expect food in the morning.

__* this aint four seasons girl.

22) If you want cuddling, bring a teddy bear.

23) Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES shall you stay the night

__* we're just fckn booboo.

(conversation between my hunch (@thatpoetace) & mydrunkie (@hazellewinsky)

Hazey: lmao

Hazey: where did that come from

thatpoetace: me and sha made it last night

thatpoetace: lmao

Hazey: lmaooo

_then she added the last 4 rules.

(smh}. gotta love my sis + hunchy
  [ this is just a joke kids, a list of thngs we've heard others say that they didnt like ]
  [ not by any means using this for our personal sex life ]


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