Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How I'm Feeling

Okay I've Thought About This Plenty Of Times

I've Rewind, Fast Forward, and Played The outcome in My Mind.

But no Matter What I Do and with All My Good Thinking

When I Actually Talk to you, I Can Barely Remember to keep Blinking.

Your Random vacations, Leave Me Blind and Confused

Having me Second Guess Everything that I Thought I once Knew.

Not second Guessing My Feeling Cause For Damn Sure That’s Real

Just Rethinking if I'm Really up For your Deal.

I'm Not A Needy Batch, just Asking For a Little Time and Attention.

I'll won't Ask For Much, Theres plenty you Want Even HEAR me Mention.

I’m not Sure if you Think I’m Playing you

But Honestly I Speak Nothing But the Truth.

Dont Let What you Read on The NET

Put a Hold on What's to Come Next.

Don't Think That Anyone Else is on My Brain At night

Remember it's youThat I Slept with Till The Morning Light.

I Cant Help but Smile with The Thought of you

Looks at your pictures To Get The Presence of you

Trust me if you Only Really knew.

I Think What i'm Trying to Reallyy Say

Is That No Matter How Many Times you Go M.I.A.

you'll Forevr be My BMz Turned Bay.


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