Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Past, Present and Future


talking about the lastest one i was in, for the most part things we're cooling. i was dumb digging her and shxt everyone i fxcked with knew it. but we mad a minor problem minus the location shxt. she used to go m.i.a. major and fxck im not the type to wait for a chick to come around. but because i was feeling her, i did. we were talking for about 2 months and i say through those two months we actually kepted in touch for less then a month of it. but our relationship ended because a week before she was supposed to make moves to come see me, she went m.i.a again. after discussing that the last time, was the last time. so with her doing that and me not knowing when she'll re-appear again. i made myself available to others

Which leads to my Present Relationship


my current relationship is unlike any ive had before. although it was during, right after my previous relationship, i wouldnt take it back. i mean i really care about the well being of this girl, so much so that she calls me "mom" when im getting in her ass about her health and shxt. she's like my ideal girl physically, mentally she's deep if you let her [which im seeing doesnt happen much], and emotionally she drives me crazy, lol. but i love it. im not sure if she knows how much i care for her. i wouldnt trade my girl for anyone. not even if my wife FELICIA PEARSON aka SNOOP came into the picture i'd pass on her just to be with her. lol. craziness. cause Felicia is.. omg.. oh shxt, sorry getting off topic. lmao. but back to my bay, she's funny, caring, sweet, goofy, an asshole is the most nicest way. i dont know how to explain it.. she's a weirdo and i love her for it. i mean i honestly can say even when she makes me so fxcking mad i still love her.
now dont let this love word take you to a place we havnt been. i refuse to say that im IN LOVE with her, not saying i am or im not. we just havnt gotten there yet & how we both are.. i refuse to be the first one to say it.
lmao. i mean we're so much alike from the big to the little stuff. taking showers in the dark and shxt. lmao. smh. we're some weirdos.

Which Leads Me to My Future Relationship


now of course i want to be with my current girl for as long as God lets us. i mean i see myself with her, living togethr, gettng in her ass about drinking and smoking and her ass doing that shxt anyways. smh. ive told her plently of times, itll make me the happiest lil homo if she moves in with me and from what ive been told by her, she does to. ugh, makes me sick how much i like/love ths gal. but i do hope she's my future and if not thn shxt. it is what it is. hope that things work out to where we can at least b cooling. regardless of what happens.. i want to be able to still have a friendship with her like i do the chick before her && the rest of my ex's. lol.
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