Tuesday, December 29, 2009

List of Reason to be SHORT.

..list of (reasons] to be SHORT...woot woot

1. parents always like you. because you're ''cute.''

2. sight level is always eye.to.breasts

3. perfect height to do *naughty activities*

4. plus femms+studs love short chicks.

5. we can fit anywhere & get to all the places need be on a woman with OUT a problem.

6. cnt ask 2 do tall people shxt. so we get away being lazy

7. break dancing is easier.

8. don't have to bend far to tie shoes.

9. perfect height for tall people loving.

10. buy mad kicks cause small feet

11. clothes always fit

12. dont take up much room in cars, bed, etc

13. everyone loves a liddle person; always look innocent.

14. or vice versa, always up to no good.

15. always gets piggy back rides.

16. good things come in small packages.

17. get into the movies for child prices.

18. easy to pick-up

19. get on the rides for free.

20. gives you a reason to get a toy at mickey d's + bk

21. you aint gotta do the long jump from the pussy back to da titts.

22. already in head giving position when both standing up

23. can easily sneak your way to the front on lines, concerts, etc

list made by:

-hunchy (@thatpoetace] + friend: the [@PROTEGE] & me


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  1. being short myself, I can fully appreciate this!